Wednesday, July 7, 2010

25K !!

Yup, we just hit 25,000 downloads for RipChord over the Fourth of July weekend. Occasionally, I get emails from customers. Here are some highlights:
Thanks for building such an awesome app!!!
This is the ONLY paid AP I have on my phone.
I think it is awesome.
Every now and then as a self taught guitarist I find a teaching tool that helps me expand a great deal... and now I add RipChord to that list.
People on the Android Market seem to like it too:
This AP is ridiculously awesome!
Love it!
Great UI. Love it
Tuba? Anyway...
Notice the recurrence of the word "awesome"? Me too! I remember thinking "Maybe if I give the company a name that complements itself, people will agree..." Turns out, it worked!
While I'm all buttered up from your compliments, I have some news for you. A new app is coming. RipChord is for the rhythm guitarist in you. Now it's almost time to take the lead...

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