Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All About RipChord

Now that RipChord has been released, it's a good time to spill the beans on exactly what it does and how it works. I'm going to assume you know about music & chords already.

RipChord is meant to solve one problem - and solve the hell out of it! You've learned all the standard chord forms, but they're meant for standard tuning. If you're in a different tuning, all those chord forms change. RipChord can figure out how to play any chord in any tuning, at any position on the fretboard. But it throws in something extra. It determines every possible way to play that chord, including all inversions (which can be disabled in the Settings screen). For instance, in standard tuning at open position, there are 63 ways to play C Major, but in open C (CGCGCE), there are 141.

Right now, there are 27 chords and 16 tunings supported in RipChord Deluxe. Adding new ones is a quick process on our end, so if ever you need a tuning or chord that's not listed, let us know with an email or a comment, and we'll add it right away.

Currently, there are two versions of RipChord available on the Android Market: RipChord and RipChord Deluxe. RipChord Deluxe has the full set of 27 chords and 16 tunings and costs $1.99. RipChord has 2 chords and 4 tunings and is available for free. I hope that if you try out RipChord and find it useful, you'll upgrade to RipChord Deluxe. That will allow me to add new features that I've been thinking of, such as swipe to play and bookmarking chords.

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